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Hi!  I’m Caroline,

…co-founder of All Birth. I’m a fully qualified solution-focused hypnotherapist specialising in hypnobirthing. I’m passionate about teaching couples the skills to make the experience of birth as brilliant as it can be – whatever route it might take – because let’s face it – everyone is different and birth is unpredictable!

My mission is for you to come out of your birth experience feeling like a warrior who is ready for the joys and challenges of parenting, with a smile on your face - feeling emotionally and physically strong. 

For your partner to feel that they are the best and most capable support they can be in the birth room. 

For you to feel supported whatever your birth choices and for those choices to be informed ones so you can really trust yourself – which will give you the best start to the amazing journey of becoming a parent!

How lovely would that be? 


I became interested in hypnobirthing after the birth of my daughter.

I had a long labour with a lot of intervention and felt traumatised by the whole experience, which put me in a vulnerable place to start motherhood. I felt that I must have had an unusually difficult labour, only to discover when speaking to other mums that my experience was pretty common and seen as "just the way childbirth is".

This seemed wrong to me on so many levels. Why was this a normal experience? Childbirth is something the majority of women will experience in our lives, it is a natural process that our bodies are designed to do. It should be something we look forward to as a rite of passage, surely it shouldn't be such a trial? And I found that it really doesn't have to be!

In my search for answers I became interested in hypnotherapy and trained at the Clifton Practice in Bristol. I then went on to specialise in hypnobirthing. 

When I became pregnant again, I had my son at home in water using the hypnobirthing techniques I had learned and I had such an amazing time. What was the difference? I felt calm, confident and in control of my experience at all times. I was able to allow my body to do what it needed to do without interference from worries and anxiety. 

This time I came out of the experience of childbirth feeling empowered and strong and it meant that I bonded easily with my baby, felt confident in my abilities as a parent and recovered quickly physically. I was able to let go of my previous birth experience and move on. 

This is why I teach hypnobirthing. I am passionate about passing on this knowledge to empower women to have a positive birth experience - leading to a confident start for them and their babies.

Since my own experience I have taught many women and their partners who have had their babies in many different settings - at home, in hospital, by caesarean. Its not about having a 'perfect' birth - it's for all births! 

The simple and gentle techniques really can have a profound effect on mothers, fathers and babies.


What I offer…

I teach group and private hypnobirthing classes. Group classes are held regularly in Brighton and can be a lovely way to meet other people who are having babies at the same time as you.

Private hypnobirthing is more flexible, and can be taught on a one-to-one basis at my home (or yours).

All classes promote comfort and relaxation to help you positively prepare for the birth of your baby.

Group class

  • 10 hours of teaching time

  • up to 6 couples

  • 6 MP3s

  • the Calm Birth Method Book by Suzy Ashworth

  • a convenient and comfortable location

  • ongoing telephone and email support

  • refreshments

  • all materials

Fee £250

2019 Group class dates

September - Tuesday evenings 7 - 9.30pm starting 10th September for 4 weeks.

Private class

  • 10 hours of teaching time

  • flexible dates and times to suit you

  • 6 MP3s

  • the Calm Birth Method Book by Suzy Ashworth

  • Men Love and Birth by Mark Harris

  • a location to suit you

  • ongoing telephone and email support

  • refreshments

  • all materials

Fee £350

I also teach via Skype, so wherever you are in the world you can experience the benefits of hypnobirthing. Please contact me for more details if you would like more information.

Contact Caroline
07764 357473