What is hypnobirthing?


Hypnobirthing is a simple, logical and practical method of preparing for the birth of your baby.

Rooted in the certainty that our bodies are designed to carry and birth our babies, hypnobirthing helps to dispel fear and tension to empower you on your path to motherhood.

Hypnobirthing uses positive language and deep relaxation to carry you through pregnancy, birth and beyond. This comprehensive antenatal course teaches you about the physiology of birth, the part hormones play, and the miraculous way our bodies and babies work together during labour. We teach your birth partner to be a powerful protector and support at the time you need it most! Ultimately, you will understand how the mind and body work together so you are able to experience the best birth for you and your family.

The antenatal information you receive will give you the confidence to work with your healthcare givers so you can communicate effectively and happily, allowing you to make informed choices at every step of your pregnancy and birth.

Hypnobirthing can be used in any setting to empower you to create the right birth for you and your family.

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