What people say


"The main thing I learnt was that I could have control over the experience, which made me feel confident when I went into labour. The birth went brilliantly - a water birth with just gas and air and a 100% positive experience.

I honestly don't know why hypnobirthing isn't part of every expectant mother's antenatal care. I couldn't recommend All Birth more highly!"

- paula


"I was initially drawn to hypnobirthing owing to extreme anxiety due to multiple pregnancy losses. Labour was of course a worry too. I ended up having an elective c-section owing to complications, however according to the medical team it was a 'textbook' procedure. I was so relaxed throughout the op and was on my feet and showering the next day. The midwives were gobsmacked. 

I attribute this entirely to the support I received from Caroline as I utilised the techniques she taught me throughout my son's birth and during my recovery. I was able to enjoy my pregnancy too which was such a relief.

Whilst the focus of the programme is specific, the reality is that you can use the invaluable techniques in all aspects of your life - and this is certainly the case for me. I really cannot recommend the All Birth team highly enough."

- marigold


"Working with Caroline was not only a source of HUGE comfort but also provided us with essential guidance through labour, birth and beyond! The sessions gave my partner and I the opportunity to discuss things we may never have even considered and with a shared language and understanding. Invaluable."

- Michelle


“My experience with hypnobirthing and Sally as my amazing mentor was absolutely perfect. We were in a bit of a stressful situation, as the doctors weren't sure why but they told me my baby was too small and I would have to be induced. We had scans every week just to check if everything was ok... You can imagine how emotional it was for me and my partner. But thanks to our beautiful sessions, learning how to properly meditate and breathe, I managed to be calm because deep down I knew my baby boy was absolutely fine. We were induced in the 37th week. I started getting waves after 3 hours from being induced (very fast). But I was visualising an air balloon and how close I was to meet this little miracle. Keeping calm and breathing through waves was working, I was extremely proud of myself. My baby boy was born at 22:45 only on two paracetamol and he is absolutely perfect. I'm very happy and super grateful for having Sally teach us all these amazing things.”



"Your sessions were super helpful - I practised a lot and they helped me maintain a really positive mind-set throughout. I had the audio on most of the time and recited a lot of positive thinking mantras to myself to keep mentally focused." 

"Despite the speed of events, her size, and the fact that the cord was wrapped around her neck so we needed some swift action at one point (but she's totally fine) it was a genuinely all round super positive experience and I was counting my blessings immediately afterwards ... no trauma or anxiety to speak of at all so a big thank you for your part to play in that!"

- Laura


""We had been focusing on my birth plan and a home birth when a curve-ball of necessary c'section arrived. The skills that we had learned helped me to stay calm and keep my blood pressure down pre-birth and during the caesarean. Thank you. Absolutely wonderful support, I thoroughly recommend her.

I still find myself using some of the key words when my now 4 year old is pushing all my buttons and getting himself in a state. The relaxation methods and visualisations were so useful and still are over 4 years later."

- Maud


 “Hypnobirthing freed my mind to make informed choices, based on the information and knowledge we were gathering. We decided on a homebirth, a water birth to ease any discomfort, and I wanted as little intervention as possible. However, as birth plans will, this all changed late on in my pregnancy. My plans for a home birth were not to be, and instead I would be giving birth on the consultant led ward.

It was a bit of a shock but, as I accepted this new reality, I started looking for the positives. We were reminded that everyone was there to support us, all care was for our benefit. We had the right to ask questions and make our own choices. Just because the surroundings might not be what we had envisaged, didn’t mean that this experience wouldn’t be ours. We packed the BIGGEST hospital bag, loaded my phone with songs, and waited.

The last weeks of pregnancy passed slowly, it’s hard to wait when you don’t know how long you are waiting for, and when you are eager to meet your newest member. I listened to my relaxations, and kept telling baby, it’s okay, I’m ready, you can come now. But in the end baby knew best.

Christmas eve 2016 was spent cleaning the house, buying food for Christmas day. We spent the evening in front of the fire and went to bed at midnight, relaxed and happy. As I lay there just before turning out the light, I remember holding my bump, thinking, feeling, ‘we’re ready’. An hour later I woke up, and as I went to the toilet my waters broke. 

Our son was born at 8pm Christmas day. Throughout my labour I was able to use the techniques I had learnt to focus, to listen to my body and my baby. My birth partner supported and protected me and our space. The lights in the ‘delivery suite’ were kept low. We felt able to communicate with my caregivers and make choices for our story. I felt calm, confident and in control. I experienced labour and birth as empowering. I was proud of what we achieved as a family.

Reflecting on how important this start to our lives together was, is what led me to train as a Hypnobirthing teacher. I am passionate about sharing these tools with other women, to help families achieve the very best start to their story.”